Venue by the Bay

One Esplanade Profile

Esplanade ( es-pla-nad ) , means a flat open stretch of pavement, or grass especially designed as a promenade along a shore.

But that definition is taken to another level through

1esplanade ,  a venue by the bay …

1esplanade , 1e for short is a splendid state-of-the-art structure uniquely situated by the Bay especially designed as a venue for special occasions or events.  It is surrounded by beautiful, important and distinct and popular landmarks but the area is made even more special by the world-renowned sunset that blesses the Manila bay!

1esplanade offers 2 air-conditioned venue hall, Coral A & B and 1 open Hall, Pearl hall.  All halls can service weddings, debuts, parties, exhibits, concerts, graduations, product launches, conventions and many more.  It’s leading edge facilities are perfectly suitable for all occasions, it has an impressive interior that will match the remarkable surroundings, high quality materials and details, big space that can accommodate an immense number of people, glass halls that will provide a view of the breathtaking sunset as it illuminates the velvet sky and with a magical and amazing color changing backlight that changes from white, yellow, blue to green.

All aspects of the design are hinged upon four modern design principles : Sliding Planes, Juxtaposition, Transparency and Light.  The use of natural light and materials all contribute to reinforce these notions.

“1 Esplanade was created to stand out from the rest of the ballrooms here in the Philippines .  Aside from the outstanding view of the bay where the sun sets everyday, this 1,091 sq. meter ballroom deviates from the neutral color palette common to most interiors.  Monochromatic shades of gray was used all through out the design keeping the whole look streamlined, clean, and sophisticated.  Aluminum composite panels were used to clad the columns, highlighting the soaring 8 meter ceiling height of the room.  Textured fabric in “waves” motif brings in the view of the bay at sight and softens the masculine appeal of the project.  Other materials that were used are “Armani” gray wood veneer, Polished stainless steel inserts, Sand Blasted Glass Panels, Nylon backing carpet tiles from Barrington , and vinyl wall paper for the other minor walls.

The Principles of scale and repetition were used carefully giving a bold statement as the guests enter the room.  On one side of every ballroom, four towering niches in ‘Armani’ gray wood veneer replicate the cladded columns all through the area.

Lighting plays a big part in the design of “1E’.  Everything else was put to a minimal extent to highlight the color changing LED lights positioned behind the Fabric padded walls.  Illuminating the Glass Panels, the expansive fabric padded walls appear to float above the floor; Flood lighting was used to give the illusion of cascading water inside the 8 accent niches of the 2 ballrooms; And cove lighting in the ceilings of every area add to the already inviting atmosphere.

It is truly a soothing ambiance for any event that will take place at this state-of-the-art convention hall.”

One Esplanade is Manila’s new definitive and stylish social venue.

Meticulously designed like a modern art museum, it has unparalleled amenities and a stunning view of the world famous Manila Bay sunset. Any event, whether requiring the utmost elegance, the most refined business feels, or funky and avant-garde new-trend parties can be orchestrated effortlessly. Come take a look and let the building and the view do the talking for us.

One Esplanade can cater to up to 1000 guests in gracious comfort and unparalleled elegance. Options abound, from the sophisticated lighting system which changes colour to suit the intended mood for each event, to the splendid view of the Manila Bay and its world-famous sunset. It is also located in a prime and well planned commercial area, enticing guests to want to go to the event. The area immediately surrounding One Esplanade has its own distinctive appeal, which is unrivalled by any other venue, making any event a memorable one.

The grandly proportioned venues of One Esplanade are ideal settings for large crowds. From the moment an inquiry is made, the Sales staffs’ works closely with the client, providing detailed information and organizing site visits to help them visualize their event.

One of the Events here is weddings…

A romantic and unforgettable setting for weddings and other private social gatherings. The breathtaking view of the sea is the ultimate setting for creating memories which will last a lifetime. There are also bridal rooms where couple are entreated to luxury and privacy relieving them of any hectic turnabouts during their special day, providing the tranquillity to make them as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

The dreamy mood lights of the function rooms are designed to complement any colour motif of even the most difficult to please wedding planners. You only tie the knot once you only get one chance to make the special day perfect for you and your loved ones. Pamper your guests in a venue befitting the grandeur and elegance of your once in a life time event.

Here are sample wedding photos (taken by Dino Lara ) held at One Esplanade.